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14 September 2007

Where On (Google) Earth? #48

Welcome to all of the competitors! I've explained things to my students, and I imagine everyone knows the drill by now. The Schott Rule is in effect.

Post time is 1745 on the leftist coast.

Cheers everyone...


Ron Schott said...

Well, Jim, with your signoff of "Cheers" you had me searching England, but after searching high and low I finally concluded that I needed to refocus my search in Germany and Switzerland because of the better match between the hue of the imagery.

I had a pretty good idea of fact that these were stratified rocks because of the orientation of the shadow lineations in the forested areas. I finally stumbled on Rigi, a mountain in the foothills of the Swiss Alps just east of Lucerne, Switzerland and spanning the cantons of Schwyz and Luzern. According to my geologic map of Switzerland it consists of southeast dipping strata of flysch.

jrepka said...

Nicely done Ron!

The "cheers" is admittedly an affectation I've taken on corresponding with friends from grad school who are currently located in England.

The hike from Rigi Kulm to Arth is one of the nicest day hikes I've taken in the Alps (and the first one I did solo, with my limited abilities in German, much less schweizerdeutsch).

And there are several displays along the way, explaining the geology through which you're walking. It is a country that takes its rocks seriously.

Looking forward to #49!

Ron Schott said...

WoGE #49 is posted!

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