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28 October 2007

I could see it happening to one of the many Red Sox fans at the airport, but...

Well, I wanted to blame the lost bag on Denver’s state-of-the-art computerized baggage handling system, which made the national news, what, 10 year ago because they still couldn’t get the bags out on time. As it turns out though, it all comes down, as always, to human error aided by bureaucracy. Someone didn’t pull my suitcase off the plane, so it continued on to Baltimore, where it sat for 5 hours before someone scanned it into the system, and now it sits waiting for a flight tomorrow, so it will (hopefully) arrive at my hotel sometime late in the afternoon. I think United owes me back some of the $5 billion we bailed them out with after 9/11.

Of course I’ve never lost a bag before, so this was largely probability catching up with me. As I often say at such times, no one is bombing my house and family so shaking my fist at the heavens is pretty inane and self-centered. So I can just blog about it…

Anyway, it cost me about an hour, which was just enough that I entirely missed a special panel on new things happening with Google Earth (thanks Andrew, for filling us in).

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