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15 December 2007

Where On (Google) Earth? #80

Well I managed to win my first northern hemisphere WOGE challenge, though it looks like Ron may have had a better claim had he signed on a few minutes later, after Joe re-posted the image.

It only seems fair to stay with the recent trend and not invoke the Schott Rule this time.

However to add to the challenge this time I won't remind you to look at the north arrow.


Ron Schott said...

Looks like you're sticking with the landslide theme, too, Jim. The location is Lituya Bay, part of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska, site of the largest historical megatsunami on July 10, 1958, generated by an earthquake-triggered landslide into the upper reaches of the bay. You can see the landslide scar at the left of the image. An choice bit of geology!

I appreciate it when you guys don't invoke the Schott Rule, but there was a good reason we formulated it... ;-)

BrianR said...


jrepka said...

OK, so I've proved I can win when the challenge isn't in Australia (where I've never been btw), next I have to prove I can stump the incredible Dr. Schott...

Congratulations again, Ron!

Ron Schott said...

Hmmm... let's see if the pace picks up now that the semester and AGU are done with. WoGE #81 is up - no Schott Rule. I'm bettin' it lasts 24 hours anyhow.

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