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29 July 2008

Not the Big One -- yet...

Magnitude 5.8, Chino fault... USGS and SCEC are getting good at updating their sites, info was up within 2-3 minutes.

No damage to the building, but I felt a pretty solid jolt when it first hit, followed by a good 10 seconds of moderate shaking (including a dull cracking as the building -- 3 stories, c. 1973 -- flexed). I got on the floor, waiting to see if the shaking would accelerate, like I remember from Loma Prieta and Sylmar (yes, I'm that old). According to the shake map it was most intense to the north of the epicenter, and I'm about 45 km to the south.

Oh, and as I'm writing this the event has been downgraded to Mo = 5.4. The mt shows it to be mostly right lateral motion on a WNW trending fault, with a component of thrust.

...and we're already up to 35 aftershocks, though I haven't felt one here yet...

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